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The Power Of Encouragement

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There once was a group of frogs who were traveling together. All of a sudden, without warning, half of the frogs fell into an unseen pit. The frogs atop the pit gathered around to watch as half of their friends were trapped. The frogs in the pit jumped and jumped, trying desperately to cling to the muddy walls, hoping to escape.

After some time had passed and the fallen frogs began getting weary, the frogs watching from above them began to shout, "Just give up; there's no way out!" and one by one the sad, discouraged frogs stopped trying to escape, and just laid down and died.

There was one frog, however, who wouldn't give up. The more the frogs above shouted, the more encouraged and empowered he felt to somehow climb out of that horrible pit. After a little more time had passed, he miraculously managed to climb out of the pit, to the astonishment of the other frogs.

They surrounded him and wanted to know what made him keep going, and what drove his determination to climb out, even though they kept telling him to just give up. It was then that they realized this frog was deaf. The entire time they were shouting for him to give up, he thought they were shouting at him to keep going, and not to give up. Thinking it was encouragement, rather than discouragement, made him feel so empowered and determined to get out of the pit, that he was finally able to.

A lot of people don't realize the importance - and power - of our words. You may not realize it, but what we say to others does matter. If you're a parent, encourage your children to do more and be the best they can be. Encourage those who are feeling lonely and discouraged, and let them know you care and believe in them.

Posted : 18/05/2024 11:16 pm